party in a former chapel under the approving eyes of mother Mary

Waking up after a crazy but beautiful party with friends…

I really like partying, but I hate the day-after tiredness and that terrible feeling of one lost day, trying to recover and keep up with the daily routines of reality. Welcome back, world! You’ve lived up to the exciting moment of having all your dearest friends and family members (yes, I love my family) in your nearest surroundings for a couple of hours trying to meet and greet everyone and realising that it’s still too short to have a decent conversation with every single friend.

Altogether, the exhaustion I experience today is all worth it after all, because how many times can you bring all your loved ones together?

Cat comfort


Let me introduce myself. I have lived in Nora’s house for 2 months now. I am an oriental shorthair and I act like an empress. I would like to be cuddled all day and Nora thinks I can be very demanding at times. Despite this I seem to bring happiness and joy to my new family. They got me out of an animal shelter and it is believed that I am approximately 10 years old. I can’t tell my family how I arrived in the animal shelter. I was just dwelling in the streets when I was rescued by somebody and brought to a shelter. Nonetheless I am in love with humanity and everybody seems to like me.


Let me introduce myself. I am a 46-year-old Belgian woman and mother of 2. I don’t think I’m such an extraordinary person, but I just want to share a part of my life with you. I have an outgoing personality and most of the time I feel happy and blessed. Therefore I’m not going to bother you with the dark clouds that sometimes overshadows a person’s life. Although I feel exposed to public nudity as I am starting this blog, I’m sure that you’ll always find something recognizable, so we’re stuck in this together! Continue reading “Intro”